About Us

KikiTiki is a manufacturer of birdhouses and animal shelters. Our products include birdhouses, feedes, bugs hotels and shelters for mammals which provide its inhabitants with safe and comfortable home. Our primary aim is to create a suitable substitute for gradually disappering homes of wild animals. We carefully study all the available literature during our product development to assure ourselves that we do the best for our animal friends. We are proud of the fact that we positively contribute to the protection of endangered species.We also accept non-standard orders.

Building kits

Our building kits are offered to those customers that want to provide animals and birds with a shelter. Each building kit includes fundamental parts for the final product assembly.

Building kits are carefully designed and therefore are suitable for children who can assembly final products with the help of an adult. This helps to introduce children to the wonders of nature.

We want the building kits to function properly in order to achieve an excellent result. We use highly modern technologies for our production such as high-pressure water jet cutter which contributes to an excellent quality of products.


We use eco-friendly materials such as wood, natural oils, natural rubber and many others. Elements that outlive the lifespan of wood are recyclable. We exclusively use certified, harmless paints. We try to use as many local materials as it is possible.

We strive for attractive price

As manufacturers, we want our products to be affordable to everyone. We pack our products flatwise in order to minimize shipping costs. We use renewable and recyclable packing material.

Our manufacturing process is optimized in order to reduce waste. The inevitable waste is recycled and renewed.

Why purchasing from a manufacturer

Birdhouses, similarly to our own houses, are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore, it is very likely that even minor repairs will be occassionally needed. In those cases ,feel free to contact us. Together we will come up with an optimal solution.

Operator of the e-shop www.kikitiki.com is company Lindgrove Projects, s.r.o.