Treecreeper Nest Box

Treecreeper Nest Box

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Eurasian treecreeper and short-toed treecreeper are small passerine birds that belong to family of treecreepers, Certhiidae. Treecreeper prefers dense vegetation and coniferous woodlands habitat. Their movements when climbing up tree trunks are specifically jerky. Their diet is mostly composed of insects and spiders which are found in tree bark.

Thanks to their plumage coloration they blend in with the surrounding tree bark. If they don’t move, they are easy to be overlooked. In many cases the observer himself might lose them even during a careful observation.

The beak of treecreepers is pointed, slightly curved. The coloration of plumage varies individually as well as territorially. The colours can range from greyish to red brownish. The most typical feature is a stiff tail which gives them support while climbing up tree trunks.

Nests are usually built in a gap between the tree bark or similar places.

The birdhouse imitates natural placement of the nest. They naturally climb up a tree trunk to the newly created place and in the birdhouse they can find a suitable cavity for nestling.

Data sheet
Materials PEFC certified wood
Construction planed wooden planks in 20mm thickness connected by contruction screws Torx mm
Finish not treated; eco friendly water based colour
Dimensions (widthxdepthxheigt) 150x160v400 mm
Weight 0,45 kg
Birdhouse attachment UV-resistant polypropylene string - load capacity up to 250 kg


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