Owl Nest Boxes - Basic Design

Owl Nest Boxes - Basic Design

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Tawny owl (Strix Aluco) is a night that belongs to typical owl family of Strigidae. This owl can be commonly found in woodlands of the Czech Republic. It estimated that about 6000 to 9000 birds live in the Czech Republic. The natural habitat of tawny owl are old broadleaved forests but it can be commonly found also in coniferous and mixed woods. They inhabit parks and groves, they seem to nestle in large orchards and gardens with full-grown trees.

It has large rounded head with a round facial disc and dark brown eyes. The short legs are feathered to toes. The wingspan might reach 96cm. Wings are broad and rounded and the tail is rather short. Weight can range from 280g to 720g. The plumage colour can differ, the basic colour ranges from grey to various shades of brown to reddish colour.

Female owls protecting their eggs and later their chicks are combative and attack anything that in their sight possess a real threat. They might even attack a human, trying to aim at their head. It is, therefore, not reasonable to disrupt owls while nesting.

Birdhouses are manufactured in many different designs. It is truly important for us to provide birds with a secure home. Construction of each individual birdhouse is based on our considerable experience. We always meet the standards and recommendations set by Czech Society of Ornithology, member of BirdLife International.

We drew inspiration from current German literature on ornithology which helped us to carry out several technical improvements. Final construction was compared witha check list of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology from Cornell University in the USA. Therefore, we can ensure that we manufacture one of the best birdhouses in terms of their construction in the market.

Basic design has following characteristics:             

  • wood is not chemically treated (coating provided in Standard and Premium designs)
  • entry hole is not protected by stainless metal sheet (possible to order)
  • the roof is made ofsolid wood, no roofing used (possible to order)


  • entrance hole 120 mm
  • solid wood in 20mm thickness, not chemically treated to ensure the animal a healthy life (no adhesives or binders)
  • high quality German galvanized construction screws help to increase the lifespan of a birdhouse and secure solidity of joints
  • sloping roof enabling proper and faster water drainage
  • embedded bottom prevents birdhouses from water leaking
  • drainage holes in the bottom in the case of water leaking from entry hole (during heavy rains)
  • thick walls offer full protection against Middle-European climate (hot summers, freezing winters)
  • ventilation holes - fresh air circulation
  • a construction without unnecessary perches that only provide an easier access for martens and cats
  • the inside of the front wall is not planed which enables the offspring to clamber up
  • vertical front side opens easily to ensure easier maintenance
  • several possibilities of mounting and attachment (galvanized chain, UV-resistant polypropylene string - load capacity up to 250 kg, galvanized steel band, wooden lath)
Data sheet
Materials PEFC certified wood
Construction planed wooden planks in 20mm thickness connected by contruction screws Torx mm
Entry hole Ø 120 mm
Dimensions (widthxdepthxheigt) 320x280x720 mm
Weight 9,1 kg
Birdhouse attachment attach methods of theme attachment are solved individualy


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